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Chad Kahle - President and CEO
Chad is the president and CEO of family run and owned Oliphant Lock & Safe Inc. With over 17 years of locksmith experience and 13 years as the CEO of Oliphant Lock & Safe Inc., Chad's experience, knowledge, and family values work together to provide you with the best locksmith service at the best value.

Bill K - Lead Dispatcher
Bill is a skilled locksmith with over 13 years of locksmith experience in the Rockford region.

Sam N - Automotive
Sam is a skilled service technician with over 12 years of locksmith experience and a specialist in the automotive field.

Jeremy B - Cameras
Jeremy is a skilled service technician in the field of security cameras.

James G - Maintenance Technician

Linda K - Financial Secretary
Linda has over 30 years of financial experience and works with locksmith accounts receivable and accounts payable to  maintain our accounts

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